Okay, Universe. I Hear You.

   This quote keeps coming up this week. From out shopping and seeing it on wall decor and mugs, to being in line at Starbucks and overhearing a couple talking, to seeing it on Pinterest, to reading it in an article on a friends blog. Okay, Universe. I hear you. Whether it’s more visits to the beach, getting back in the kitchen for homemade meals and baking, spending more quality time with my kids and spending more time volunteering at their schools, taking more mini-getaways, going for walks, relaxing and […]

Love Conquers All

For any relationship, for any passion, for any motivation – love conquers all. Be kind when other’s aren’t, always be caring and grateful, be present and in the moment, and be positive in hard times. Love others, love for real, love what you do, love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

Building A Life I Love

This is my new motto, my new signature. I’m on a daily mission to build the life I love – and while I’m well on my way there, I thought I’d let you in on the ride. You see, many of us aren’t dealt the hand we dream of – we have to work for it. There are only very few people in life are ‘handed’ the good luck card, and even then, is it really the life they want? Or the life someone else wants for them? I want […]